Duraluxe’s parent company Decoral is an Italian Company, and in 1994 they patented a process to coat and decorate with sublimation aluminum.  It started because Italy has very old buildings and structures, and they needed to maintain old style looks when wanted to upgrade outside doors, and frames with newer materials.  Decoral was able to replicate the woodgrain look on the aluminum materials.  They have continued to innovate coating processes and materials throughout the years until they launched the Duraluxe line of 8 unique styles of coated sheet aluminum, that has a 5 year outdoor warranty.


You can certainly get Duraluxe in many different sizes, but one of the best qualities of the material is that you can easily shear it to the size you need with an inexpensive tabletop shear.  You can also round the corners with a table top corner rounding shear.  The coating is very durable and will not chip or flake off on the edges after shearing either.  You can also bend Duraluxe after sublimating it without harming the coating or the image.  This allows you to make multi-dimensional sublimated products such as table tents that stand on their own.


Duraluxe’s eight unique coatings can certainly be used for Photo Panels or Signage, and it is perfectly suited to play outside in the sun with its five year outdoor warranty.  Duraluxe for signage is a one step process.  You sublimate the sign piece, and there is no need to overlaminate it.  The sublimated sign will have UV durability, weatherability, and five of the coating styles have built in Anti-grafitti characteristics, again without overlaminating or any additional steps.  Since sublimation is full digital color, you can incorporate digital photographs into your signage which can help make them visibly captivating and appealing.  They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Signs have a limited space to present a given message, so being able to incorporate digital photos, helps with that messaging.

The very durable coatings work well for custom backsplashes, or amazing shower surrounds.  A couple of the styles also perform very well in low traffic flooring applications.  Last year a giant project was completed at a Moscow Metro Station using 800 4’x8’ sheets of sublimation decorated Duraluxe sheeting used to create a stunning façade, and wall coverings portraying an art mural.


Duraluxe is a sublimation aluminum that is very versatile, and of the highest quality.  Its UV durability is the best in the industry, and has been proven and tested through many years.

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