Coney Island Sunset

Coney Island Sunset After The Storm

A Coney Island Sunset After The Storm was the last thing on my mind after a day of running errands.

Relaxing after a long day. Me and my wife and my youngest daughter was sitting upstairs watching the thunderstorm from my bedroom looking out over Neptune Ave.

The Thunderstorm was tremendous and there was plenty of Lightening lighting up the sky. At 1 point the lightening was so bright my wife said it look like the people across the street were taking pictures with a bright flash!

Time to relax.

I was sitting and taking a break from reality with my good friend “BamaDiver” and playing Tom Clancy’s “The Division” an online Game while waiting for the storm to pass. I didn’t Think there would be a pretty sunset.

Sunset Early warning system.

I say to 1 of my daughters “Do you think it’s going to be a good sunset tonight?” She was not sure so I look out the window and see that the side of the house next to me is glowing pink! Usually After dinner a like a good Sea Gate Sunsetter does I look out of the window to see if the ally between my house and my next door neighbors is lit up nice from the sunset and see if its going to be a good night to catch the sunset. Kind of like a “early warning system”. 

Coney Island Sunset After The Storm

The Ocean looks like its ablaze its so Orange.

Photo Credit Stan Reisler All Rights Reserved.

All Photos and Videos taken on July 25th 2016 in Sea Gate on Nortons Point.

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